Thursday, March 6, 2014


The founder of Cop Watchers Lake Tahoe Michael W. Barnhart has filed the first of many Section 1983 violations by the city of South Lake Tahoe and the SLTPD. The forms were sent to the city attorney dated March 6, 2014 asking for 2.5 million Dollars in damages for the civil rights violations.
Michael Barnhart has a 3.611 GPA in Computer Technology and Business as well as 2 of the 6 Ca Real Estate courses. He has been hired multiple times by the LTCC as an administrator helper and clerk to fail the background check due to the FALSE POLICE REPORTS FILED BY JOSH ADLER of the SLTPD and ignored and concealed by the city attorney and manager.

This is just one report asking for charges for what is a Constitutionally protected action. Filming the police. Sgt Josh Adler of the SLTPD clearly asks for felony stalking charges for nothing more than giving him the finger, calling him a scumbag and filming him in uniform conducting his duties.

In no place on this report can a crime be found. Yet, the SGT has called for felony charges against the press because he does not like us. The city of SLT has been informed of the false reports and malicious prosecution and still refuses to act. In fact they conceal breaches of agreements to allow malicious prosecution.

             Still no criminal acts in this whole report.....can you find the felony I am missing?

My favorite part is the finger......why does this make a police report? Is it a crime to give the police the finger? NO!
Due to the blatant attack of the press and its members employment in South Lake Tahoe is impossible and it has limited potential employment by slander and false reports filed in retaliation against press releases and accountability.  The city and it's Police Department are guilty of conspiracy and slander as well as multiple Section 1983 violations at all levels of government.